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How to Win the Dell Scholarship

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation offers 500 scholarship awards every year for students in need of financial help for college. For many people, getting a college education is an important goal that makes a big difference to their future career prospects and levels of success. The process of paying for school can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce the cost. Scholarships are one way to get funds for school that never have to be paid back in any way. When you apply for the Dell Scholarship, you must provide information about your background, reasons for attending college, information to evaluate your socioeconomic status, and your grades. By understanding the following details about this opportunity for college money, you will be able to streamline your application to increase your chance of an award.

The Dell Scholarship gives not only $20,000 toward tuition, books, and other fees, but also an entire collection of other helpful products and services. These include Chegg credits, which are specifically used for textbook purchases and rentals; academic, personal, and financial support and counseling; a laptop computer to help with schoolwork; and access to a wide variety of resources for both the student and their families. The entire award focuses on elevating you, your family, and surrounding community by providing opportunity for promising young people to excel in their lives.

Need-Based Scholarship Criteria for High School Students

This particular scholarship focuses on people who need financial help in order to attend post-secondary schooling. Rather than awarding money based on grade point average, test scores, or degree-program specifics, it looks for low-income individuals who show considerable promise and intention to pursue higher education. Applicants must be eligible for Pell Grants from the federal government, so make sure to fill out the FAFSA forms in advance of the application consideration period between October and December.

What the Dell Scholarship Committee Is Looking For

Three things define an optimal Dell Scholarship applicant. These include financial need, plans to attend an accredited university or college with four-year degree programs, and a minimum 2.4 GPA. The overall focus of the scholarship itself is on grit, potential, and ambition. These three terms are ones that the Dell Foundation mentions as deciding factors. What does this mean? If you demonstrate the ability, willingness, and effort to overcome challenges and to rise above meager beginnings to find success in your life, you are a worthy candidate for this valuable scholarship.

The application process itself is quite simple. It consists of an online form that asks for specific personal information. This includes standard things like your name, address, and high school, but also details about your class rank, school guidance counselor, SAT or ACT test scores if applicable, home responsibilities, living situation, whether you worked a full- or part-time job, and details about family and life situations. Chosen semifinalists will need to provide additional information to continue to the final decision round.