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Brown Bag Marketing Scholarship Essay Contest $1,000
J.J. Phelan & Son Company Scholarship $1,000
James C. Borel FFA Leaders Scholarship Fund $1,000
Barney Flynn Memorial Scholarship $1,000
FFTA Scholarship Competition $3,000
Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania Scholarship Amount Varies
Birdsong Peanuts FFA Scholarship $1,000
Assured Life Association National Scholarship $2,500
Pete & Lela Stavros Scholarship $1,500
IIGERS Scholarship $500
CESDA Diversity Scholarship $1,000
Bill Kane Scholarship, Undergraduate $1,000
Hopi Scholarship Program $3,000
International Scholarship Program $2,500
Michelin/TIA Scholarship Program Amount Varies
Dwayne R. Woerpel Memorial Scholarship $400
John & Marian (Munsch) Olfer Scholarship Fund $5,000
Sertoma Scholarship for Students Who Are Hard of $1,000
Ida M. Pope Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
John L. Dales Scholarship Fund Amount Varies
Shamans Market $1,000 Scholarship $1,000
New Heights Scholarship $1,000
Pureland Supply Trade School Scholarship $1,000
Michael Moody Fitness Scholarship $1,500
Nancy Hall Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Jack & Mary Rowe Memorial Scholarship $4,000
Fred Scheigert Scholarships $3,000
Children’s Cancer Connection Empowering Scholars $1,000
James Welbaum Memorial Scholarship $1,300
Mary Ellen Locher Foundation Scholarship Amount Varies
Carville M. Akehurst Memorial Scholarship $3,000
Laina Bailey Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Bey & Associates $1,000
General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) $5,000
USAR Scholarship Amount Varies
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