$1,000 All Star Verified Scholarship

Purpose: This is a merit-based scholarship and financial need is not considered. We designed this scholarship to help students pay for college and it may be used to pay for tuition or any related fees such as room and board. The first prize is $1,000.
Who Can Apply: This scholarship is open to high school, college, graduate, or adult students and parents of high school and college students.
Selection Criteria: To apply for this scholarship you must complete the online application below. The main selection criteria is your answer to the question: "What is the best or worst part about finding or applying to scholarships?" There are no right or wrong answers! Feel free to address just one "best" or "worst" part about any aspect of scholarships.
Deadline: Summer: May 1 - August 31
Fall: September 1 - December 31
Winter: January 1 - April 30
Note to 9th - 11th Graders and Parents: If you win our scholarship as a 9th -11th grader, we will hold your scholarship until you are a senior. If you are a parent, you are welcome to apply but you must be the parent or legal guardian of a current college-bound high school or college student.
Scholarship Application Form
Question: 450-character (max) statement that completes the sentence below ...