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Edith Parker History Endowed Scholarship Amount Varies
ECHO Electrical Supply Scholarship $500
Amy Jo Grissim Endowed Scholarship Amount Varies
MWU Partner DWL Architects Scholarship $2,000
Dale Edward Haws Memorial Scholarship Fund Amount Varies
Swayze Woodruff Memorial Mid-South Scholarship Amount Varies
Hartman Endowment Amount Varies
Starke-Blosser Memorial Scholarship Fund $1,000
BOLD Promise Scholarship Amount Varies
Paula O. Ashby Scholarship $1,000
Linda L. Schneider Scholarship $500
John E. Bohan Excellence in Athletics Scholarshi Amount Varies
ACCF Myrtle Isensee Memorial Scholarship $500
James E. Newton Scholarship Amount Varies
Taylor O'Hare Smith Memorial Scholarship $1,400
Roothbert Fund Scholarship $3,000
Gaston College Textile Technology Scholarship $2,500
Belongia Family Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Zoeller Company Scholarship Fund Amount Varies
Weldon and Eloise Bowen Music Endowed Scholarshi Amount Varies
Dollars for Scholars Scholarship $6,000
Edna and Clark Carmean Talent Awards in Music $1,500
Department of Music Leadership Award $72,000
Jocelyn Levner-Nissenbaum Memorial Scholarship F Amount Varies
SGA Fostering Panther Pride $1,000
Claims Recovery Financial Services Scholarship Amount Varies
Diversity Scholarship $1,000
Harford County Chamber of Commerce Business Scho $1,000
American Legion Baseball Scholarship $5,000
Walter and Mabel Schultz Scholarship $2,500
Petry- lomb Scholarship Amount Varies
Justin Lake College Scholarship $1,000
Project Lead the Way Scholarships Amount Varies
Institutional Scholarship - Opportunity $700
Habitat for Humanity Scholarship Amount Varies
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