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Winthrop Eagle Promise Scholarship - Out-of-Stat $14,830
Future Leaders Scholarship $1,500
Mary R. Leiper Scholarship Fund Amount Varies
Kroger Scholarship Amount Varies
Larry and Jane Wright Scholarship Amount Varies
John R. Wooden Scholarship Amount Varies
Interstate Van Lines Endowed Scholarship Amount Varies
Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Direct Schol Amount Varies
Travel Video Contest $4,000
Mr. Owen Hopkins Memorial Direct Scholarship Amount Varies
Bill Miller Equipment Sales, Inc. Scholarship Amount Varies
AIST Willy Korf Memorial Fund $3,000
John McNeese Award $2,600
Junior Member Loyalty Scholarship $2,500
JVS Chicago Scholarship $4,000
Irys Jeanne Harris Scholarship $500
Navy Federal Credit Union Scholarship Award $1,250
ACCF Chris & Connie Mosier Memorial Scholarship $300
CEO Group Bud Pettisani Memorial Scholarship Amount Varies
Nanellen Lane Scholarship Amount Varies
Breitbach Catholic Thinkers and Leaders Program/ Amount Varies
John Parker Davie Trust Amount Varies
Keith Jordan Scholarship $1,400
Geddes Scholarship Amount Varies
California State Society of Certified Public Acc Amount Varies
CLARK Scholars Scholarship Amount Varies
Lois and Clyde Henley Scholarship $500
OXY USA Direct Scholarship Amount Varies
Lechner Scholarship $1,000
Ralph L. Jones Memorial Endowed Scholarship $3,000
Lawrence Crouchett and Delores McCrary Scholarsh Amount Varies
Academic Achievement Award $1,200
Frank A. Tennant Endowed Scholarship $6,250
Douglas G. and Elizabeth C. Dahlin Memorial Endo Amount Varies
Southern Grace Scholarship Amount Varies
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